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Waratah - Foresty Products - Built to Work.

"The Waratah works really well. It flies through the Corsican and Douglas Fir we’ve got. It’s got real good speed. It’s built to work in this sort of place."

NIGEL HUTCHINSON, Bluewood Thinning, New Zealand

Waratah - Foresty Products - Built to Work.

"I think Waratahs are the toughest out there. We put a lot of demand on them. We’ve been dealing with trees up to 28” in diameter, some bigger."

BEN REED, Wayne Stone Logging, Oregon, US

Waratah - Foresty Products - Built to Work.

"The 622C is great in the small pine with its multi-stemming capabilities; excellent in the medium size wood, and works excellent in the big Fir."

STEVEN TRESIERRA, McNiel & Sons, British Columbia, CA

Waratah - Foresty Products - Built to Work.

"Waratah is made to work. I sit in there most days and listen to satellite radio. And to be able to do that, for the abuse the head takes, it’s really a testament to their design and to the technology."

ERIC BISBALLE, Bisballe Forest Products, Michigan, US

Waratah - Foresty Products - Built to Work.

"When I first started running Waratah, the support team came out. They went through all the system functions with the head to make sure everything was working right before they left."

ADAM KURTZ, RD Reeves, Washington, US

Waratah - Foresty Products - Built to Work.

"The support behind the head is awesome. They’re behind me every time I call."

DAN AHONEN, Dan Ahonen Logging, Michigan, US

Waratah Forestry Equipment marks 50th anniversary, thanks its loyal customers

Waratah Forestry Equipment is celebrating 50 years of innovation within the forestry industry and thanking its customers for decades of trust and loyalty to the brand.

Waratah HTH618C Series-III harvester head

Waratah Forestry Equipment’s new HTH618C Series-III provides increased productivity, simple servicing

Waratah Forestry Equipment debuted the HTH618C Series-III – a new generation of its HTH618C harvester head built for increased productivity, reliability, uptime and more.

H225E harvester head

Waratah Forestry Equipment introduces new H225E debarking head

The powerful H225E, a new generation of the H215E head, is built for single-pass eucalyptus debarking.

HTH624C 4x4 LP profile view

Waratah Forestry Equipment’s new HTH624C 4x4 LP delivers efficient processing and log manipulation

The new HTH624C 4x4 LP loader processor is built for increasing productivity to quickly clear tight landing areas and load trucks.

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