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HTH624C 4x4 Harvester Head
Net Weight icon
Net Weight
3560 kg / 7,848 lb.
Max Hydraulic Pressure icon
Max Hydraulic Pressure
35 MPa / 5,076 psi
Max Delimb Opening icon
Max Delimb Opening
710 mm / 28 in.
Max Feed Roller Opening icon
Max Feed Roller Opening
875 mm / 34 in.
Max Sawing Capacity icon
Max Sawing Capacity
815 mm / 32 in.
Carrier Size icon
Carrier Size
27+ metric ton
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With its effortless four wheel drive and high torque feed motors, the HTH624C 4X4 harvester head provides unyielding delimbing power and responsive feed speeds.

It’s productivity enhanced design couples an extra capacity top saw with 360-degree rotation and lower delimb for efficient and responsive log handling, precision placement and control.

This harvester head harnesses the power of our TimberRite H-16 measuring and control system to provide loggers data for efficiency and precise head control.

Technical Data

Dimensions: Maximum feed-roller opening 875 mm 34.4 in
Width (maximum) 200 cm 79 in
Weight: Excluding links and some options 3560 kg 7,848 lb
Rotation: 360 continuous
Delimbing: Delimbing knives 1 fixed,/1 floating, 2 moving*
1 fixed rear (*option for single lower delimb)
Maximum delimb opening 710 mm 28 in
Maximum opening lower knives 885 mm 35 in
Drive: Quantity drive rollers 4
Motor cc - option 1 (drive, fixed) 837 500
Maximum feed speed 5.2 m/s 17 ft/s
Maximum roller opening 875 mm 34 in
Motor cc - option 2 (drive, fixed) 1048 630
Maximum feed speed 4.6 m/s 15.1 ft/s
Minimum feed arm diameter 65 mm 2.6 in
TopSaw: Maximum cutting diameter 560 mm 22 in
Length of saw bar 740 mm 29 in
Chain type 3/4
Top saw motor displacement 20 cc
Butt Saw: Standard Saw Waratah AT 3/4
Maximum cut diameter 815 mm 32 in
Length of saw bar 1015 mm 40 in
Chain type 3/4 in
Saw motor 50 cc
Oil tank capacity 16 L 4.2 gal
Control and Measuring System Options: TimberRite H-16

Optional Configurations

Continuous 360-degree rotation Color marking
Multi-tree processing Fabricated processing upper delimb arms
Cast processing upper delimb arms Steel thumbnail feed rollers
Alpine Non-aggressive fixed roller

Carrier Requirements

Carrier Size Range: 27+ metric tons
Hydraulic Requirements: Maximum pressure 35 MPa 5,076 psi
Maximum pump capacity 320-360 L/min 85-95 gal/min

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