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H423 Harvestor Head
Weight (Without Rotator & Link) icon
Weight (Without Rotator & Link)
955 kg / 2,105 lb
Hydraulic Requirements icon
Hydraulic Requirements
28 MPa / 4,061 psi
Cutting Capacity icon
Cutting Capacity
580 mm / 22.8 in
Delimbing Diameter Tip-to-Tip icon
Delimbing Diameter Tip-to-Tip
420 mm / 16.5 in
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The H423 harvester head is designed to carry out a wide range of harvesting jobs from early to late thinnings, to light regeneration harvesting. It has outstanding multi-tree-handling qualities, a compact frame design and excellent power-to-weight ratios.

The H423 harvester features four feed rollers that form a circle around the stem. This unique continuous four-wheel-drive with hydraulic connected feed rollers and mechanical differential lock ensures strong, fast feeding. Its powerful, well-positioned saw unit masters fast and precise felling and crosscutting.

Thanks to a short frame and optimal placement of the one fixed delimbing and four moving knives, this head delivers superb delimbing performance. The H423 excels when loggers pair it with multi-tree-handling equipment.

Technical Data

Dimensions: Width head open 1450
Width head closed 1140
Height without rotator and link 1330
Weight: Without rotator and link 955 kg 2,105 lb
Felling/Cutting: Maximum diameter saw cut 580
Saw bar 640/750
Chain type .404
Chain speed (m/s) 40
Feeding: 4WD with steel feed rollers
400 / 250-cc motors 19
500 / 315-cc motors 23
Speed 4.8–5.6
Maximum feed roller opening 560
Delimbing: Delimbing knives 4 moving and 2 fixed
Delimbing diameter tip to tip 420
Maximum opening upper knives 560
Maximum opening lower knives 570
Hydraulic Requirements: Maximum operating pressure 28
Recommended pump capacity 240–280
Control and Measuring System: For adaptation, contact your local Waratah dealer.

Optional Configurations

Color marking Steel thumbnail feed rollers
Stump treatment Steel V-profile feed rollers
Multi-tree-handling Steel ribbed feed rollers
Debarking feed rollers Chain and saw bar kits
Moipu feed rollers Hydraulic hose kit

Not all models available in all countries. Service and support may also vary by region. Please contact a dealer for more information.

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