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FL100 Felling Head


Felling Head

Net Weight icon
2995 kg / 6,600 lb
Net Weight
Hydraulic Requirements icon
35 MPa / 5,076 psi
Hydraulic Requirements
Max Grapple Opening icon
1470 mm / 57.8 in
Max Grapple Opening
Maximum Sawing Capacity icon
1000 mm / 39.3 in
Maximum Sawing Capacity
Carrier Size icon
30+ metric ton
Carrier Size
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Unmatched strength plus versatility. Meet the FL100. This bonafide jack-of-all-trades owns the steepest of slopes and shovels the heaviest of timber, all while getting better logs to the landing. Simply put, it's a beast. And truly Built to Work™.

Additionally, the FL100's TimberRiteTM X-20 stand-alone controller provides configurable settings for improved head performance, productivity and measuring accuracy. Features include a stem counter, sawcut/home indication, production reports and individual operator settings. Together, the new features allow enhanced flexibility in operation that improve overall productivity by allowing operators more capabilities to properly position timber.

Technical Data

Dimensions Height, to boom pin (mm/in.) 2420 / 95.3
Width, arms open (mm/in.) 2270 / 89.4
Depth, arms open (mm/in.) 1995 / 78.5
Weight (kg/lb.) 2995 / 6,600
Cutting Saw bar (mm/in.) 1140 / 45
Saw motor 50 cc
Chain tension Auto standard
Maximum cut (mm/in.) 1000 / 39.3
Chain (mm/in.) 19 / 0.75 pitch
Chain oil capacity (L/gal.) 35 / 9.2
Rotator Rotation Continuous
Rotate motors 2
Grapple Arms Maximum opening (mm/in.) 1470 / 57.8
Minimum closed diameter (mm/in.) 110 / 4.3
Grapple capacity (m2 /ft2 ) 0.78 / 8.4
Cylinders Grapple arms (mm/in.) 2 x110 / 2 x 4.3 cushioned
Tilt (mm/in.) 2 x 90 / 2 x 3.5

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