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H219 Harvester Head
Weight (without rotator & link) icon
Weight (without rotator & link)
1970 kg / 4,343 lb.
Max Hydraulic Requirements icon
Max Hydraulic Requirements
28 MPa / 4,061 psi
Cutting Capacity icon
Cutting Capacity
750 mm / 29.5 in.
Delimbing Diameter Tip-to-Tip icon
Delimbing Diameter Tip-to-Tip
510 mm / 20.1 in.
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With a robust design, the H219 harvester head can handle the toughest woods. Durability is built-in with protected hoses, additional guarding and an aggressive measuring wheel.

The H219 can handle large-size wood in final felling or late thinning applications – including hardwood or softwood – and eucalyptus debarking. The narrow head design lends itself to improved visibility in thinning applications. The two-roller geometry design provides excellent handling of variable diameters and challenging tree forms up to 750 mm (29.5 in.) in diameter.

This head is also equipped with a SuperCut 100S saw unit with auto chain tensioning. The valve cover and rerouted hosing allow for easier access and quicker servicing. Available options, such as a heavy-duty tilt frame, longer upper-delimb arms and a top saw, increase productivity and versatility.

Technical Data

Dimensions Width arms open (mm/in.) 1900 / 74.8
Width arms closed (mm/in.) 1190 / 46.8
Height, standard tilt frame, without rotator and link (mm/in.) 1970 / 77.6
Weight Excluding rotator, link and some options (kg/lb.) 1970 / 4,343
Delimbing Front knife Fixed
  Maximum opening upper knives (mm/in.) 800 / 31.5
  Delimbing diameter tip to tip (mm/in.) 510 / 20.1
  Rear knife One
  Rear knife maximum opening (mm/in.) 870 / 34.3
Feeding Quantity drive rollers 2
  Maximum feed roller opening (mm/in.) 760 / 29.9
  Maximum feed force
  With 1259/944-cc motors (kN/lbf) 37.3 - 28.1
8,385 - 6,317
  With 1404/1050-cc motors (kN/lbf) 41.6 - 31.2
9,352 - 7,014
  Maximum feed speed (m/s, ft./s) 4.5 – 6.0
15 – 20
Hydraulic Requirements Maximum operating pressure (MPa/psi) 28 / 4,061
  Recommended pump capacity (l/min., gal./min.) 320 – 380
85 – 100
Cutting Maximum felling cut diameter (mm/in.) 750 / 29.5
Maximum saw bar length (mm/in.) 900 / 35.4
Chain type (mm/in.) 10 / .404
Carrier Requirements Wheeled (metric ton) 20-30
Tracked (metric ton) 25-35
Control and Measuring System TimberRite H-16


Optional Configurations

Color marking Stump treatment (through nozzle, saw bar or both)
Steel thumbnail feed rollers Steel ribbed feed rollers
Chain and saw bar kits Hydraulic hose kit
Top saw Processing upper delimb arms
Saw chain greasing lubrication Find end sensor

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