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Waratah 50th Anniversary Faces

Celebrating 50 Years

At Waratah, we’re marking our 50th anniversary of supporting generations of loggers across the globe – and it’s all thanks to our loyal customers and dedicated team.

While this industry has changed, Waratah has always been Built To Work®. And you’ve been with us every step of the way.

Thank you for your commitment to logging. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your trust. Because you choose what you use in the woods. And the bold go with Waratah.

Built To Work for the bold – since 1973.

Building on the past. Innovating for the future.

  • waratah factory

    Waratah Established

    Waratah is formed in Tokoroa, New Zealand, servicing the local power, pulp, logging and heavy-industry equipment needs.

  • Orginial Redhead

    Original Red Head Is Born

    Following development of a machine and head for felling and delimbing Radiata Pine, eventually we add drive motors and a chainsaw to evolve into our first harvester.

  • Bigwood forestry attachment


    The HTH 26” Bigwood debuts to meet the demand for a clear fell machine in New Zealand. Affectionately known as the “Bigwood,” it’s built for punishment from large trees and carriers.

  • 622 Warrior

    622 Warrior

    Waratah introduces a slightly larger HTH622 later identified as the “HTH622 Warrior.”

  • HTH624 Super Introduced

    HTH624 Super

    Waratah introduces the new HTH624 Super model. Known as the “Super,” this head becomes popular with loggers in the Pacific Northwest of North America.

  • HTH622B Debuts


    Following the success of the 622 Warrior, a new 622 “B” model is introduced and becomes legendary.

  • HTH624C


    The popular 624 “Super” is replaced with the “C” model – equipped with a premium valve for more performance and undeniable longevity.

  • H480C Introduced


    Following the HTH470HD, a new H480C model debuts and gains a global following.

  • HTH623C Debuts


    A new HTH623C debuts as a perfect match for the 25-ton carrier for deck processing or harvesting. It’s powerful, fast and everything in between.

  • HTH625C Introduced


    The aggressive HTH625C is revealed with new twin lower arms for large timber applications, harvesting or processing. It becomes popular on levelling carriers, optimizing productivity with impressive log control.

  • H215E Launched


    A two-roller H215E head debuts, setting the standard for purpose-built heads and single-pass eucalyptus debarking.

  • WaratahMate App Launched

    WaratahMate App

    Following customer requests to make data transfer from machines easier, the WaratahMate smartphone app is introduced to simplify sending measuring system data to forestry companies.

  • TimberRite H-16 Released

    TimberRite H-16

    Following the successful TimberRite 30L/H measuring and control systems, the TimberRite H-16 system sets a new standard for head control, data and information.

  • HTH622B-Series III Introduced

    HTH622B Series-III

    With the launch of the HTH622B Series-III, Waratah manufactures the 3,000th 622B head, a volume milestone for a single model.

  • HTH623C LP Launched

    HTH623C LP

    The HTH623C LP is introduced as a multi-use head built to work as a loader-processor on the deck, under a yarder or roadside.

  • H-16 Mapping Introduced

    H-16 Mapping

    Launched as a complementary feature to TimberRite H-16, our mapping option allows operators to visualize production data and improve jobsite efficiency.

  • FL100 Introduced


    The FL100 is introduced to offer unmatched strength and versatility in big timber felling – it’s a beast!

  • H425X Launched


    Following as a second generation of the H415X, the rugged H425X continues as an extreme duty head that excels in mixed stand harvesting.

"Waratah’s legacy is about taking care of the customer, building a superior product and improving it with each series."

ROBERT D’AGOSTINI, J&R Logging, California, US

"I love my career. It helps when you’ve got a nice machine, too, like my 622B."

JANESSA NELSON-SMITH, Nicola Post & Rail, British Columbia, CA

"Waratah keeps customers happy. The support is very good for me."

JUHA TAINA, Juha Taina tmi, Finland

"You know what you’re getting when you buy Waratah. For us, it’s the industry standard."

REID LIND, G.R. Mac Lind Logging, British Columbia, CA

"I have confidence every morning that our Waratahs are going to crank up and run all day – and that’s what they do."

JEREMY HILL, Charles Hill Logging, Georgia, US

"Waratah has been there for us. The support is bar none."

AMANDA GODON, Volcano Creek Logging Inc., California, US

Janessa Nelson-Smith

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Waratah - 50 - For the Bold - Since 1973

Waratah Forestry Equipment marks 50th anniversary, thanks its loyal customers

Waratah Forestry Equipment is celebrating 50 years of innovation within the forestry industry and thanking its customers for decades of trust and loyalty to the brand.

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