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TimberRite H-16 cab monitor view

TimberRite H‑16

Measuring and Control

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Intelligent Control
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TimberRite H-16, Waratah’s latest generation control system, brings technology to you with everything from email, and work and repair statistics to remote display access, mapping and navigation. Extensively developed and proven in global cut-to-length or full tree applications, this system integrates more advanced capabilities with precision measuring and cutting of timber, and productive control of the Waratah harvester/processor head.

The latest StanForD file structures are supported and this ensures that data can interchange with virtually any professional system in the forestry business. This system also makes diagnostic tests on inputs, outputs or sensors much simpler, or if you have telematics, we can provide remote access.

Plus, with its additional mapping option, you can visualize production data and see terrain obstacles at a glance. With this kind of intel, you get the lay of the land to tackle every stand.

Configurable as either a pre-selection prioritization system or the optional value-based optimization system, TimberRite H-16 can offer solutions to meet any market needs. It’s all part of Waratah’s effort to keep you updated and in charge. You don’t have to wonder whether your machine is working to full capacity, and you can rest assured you’re getting the most productivity for your time.

Technical Data

Hardware: System components Available display: XL4; integrated PC & display; head module; base machine module; joystick module; several joystick options
TimberRite H-16 Harvester PC XL4 - Intel® Core™ i7; 1.7 GHz; 4 GB RAM; 32 bit Windows PC; replaceable memory card
Display XL4 - 12.1” Touchscreen: XGA 1024x768 resolution, LED, integrated with harvester computer
Connections: Connections XL4 - 2 x CAN; Ethernet; RS232; 4 x Video in; 6 x USB 2.0
Telematics options Cellular capable (external cell coverage and telematics required)
Satellite capable (external satellite coverage and telematics required)
Other Options GPS Navigation system capable
Electronic caliper
GPS antenna (USB connection)
Keyboard and touchpad (with USB connection)
Configurations: Preselection Priority Optimization Yes
Value Optimization Yes, optional
Operator specific settings Yes
Configurable menu structure Yes
Software: Control for Waratah 200/400/600 Series heads Yes
Support for both metric and imperial systems Yes
Multiple worksite handling Yes
Production reporting (displayed onboard, data files, and reports) Yes
Production handling per operator, shift, site Yes
Support for StanForD Files Yes, 2007 & 2010
Work and repair statistics Yes, optional (sensor required)
Email Yes (external cell/satellite coverage and telematics required)
Remote display access Yes (external cell/satellite coverage and telematics required)
Automatic Settings backup Yes
Multiple language options Yes
Support for calibration of diameter and length (caliper or manually entered) Yes
Onboard Diagnostics Yes
Filter Status indication Yes, optional
Base machine leveling control Yes
Heel-rack control Yes
Simulator Available
Mapping Yes, optional

Not all models available in all countries. Service and support may also vary by region. Please contact a dealer for more information.

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