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Waratah Forestry Equipment’s new HTH624C 4×4 LP delivers efficient processing and log manipulation

HTH624C 4x4 LP profile viewMoline, Ill. (June 22, 2021) – Waratah Forestry Equipment debuted the HTH624C 4×4 LP – a loader-processor built for increasing productivity to quickly clear tight landing areas and load trucks. The multi-use head features attributes of a standard processing head with extra capability for manipulating multiple logs – making it extremely efficient.

“The HTH624C 4×4 LP makes quick work of loading or processing,” said Brent Fisher, product marketing manager for Waratah. “In addition to the benefits of a four-wheel-drive processor, it features large sawing capacity and an extra-large delimb opening for handling multiple logs to clear the deck fast. At Waratah, we’re always looking for ways to boost customer productivity and efficiency, and the HTH624C 4×4 LP delivers.”

Increased productivity

This four-wheel drive, four-roller head also has a shorter tilt frame that helps loading trucks or extend reach with higher deck piles – working effortlessly to manipulate logs on carriers with or without live heels.

Its larger delimb opening enables operators to grab multiple logs, clearing the yarder chute or shovel more efficiently. With a wide maximum delimb opening of 939 mm (37 in.), the HTH624C 4×4 LP can manipulate large single logs and improve log deck picking.

Likewise, the HTH624C 4×4 LP also features a large sawing capacity with an 815 mm (32 in.) maximum sawing capacity. It’s also fit for 27+ metric ton carriers, meaning that it can carry out large jobs.

Tight space workhorse

One of the key benefits of the HTH624C 4×4 LP is its ability to work in tight spaces. As a multi-use tool, it can handle the jobs of multiple pieces of equipment – a key feature when space doesn’t permit several pieces of equipment.

With a weight of 3560 kg (7,848 lb.), the HTH624C 4×4 LP provides added capacity and delimbing force to tackle the big jobs. Its minimum delimb close of 120 mm (4.7 in.) allows it to process a wide range of diameter classes.

“The HTH624C 4×4 LP’s four-wheel drive makes it powerful and efficient,” Fisher said. “We’re looking forward to Waratah customers taking advantage of this multi-use workhorse.”

The Waratah HTH624C 4×4 LP is currently available to customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Asia Pacific, Brazil and Latin America.

For more information about Waratah, please visit Waratah.com or contact Sarah Larson at slarson@mindfirecomm.com.

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